About Us

For years now there is only one vehicle that was rolled out to give the ultimate off road experience, The JEEP. Only a very few understand this wonderful beast and we are one of them, led by Mr Sohan Suther, who’s love for Jeeps knows no end. We call ourselves “SS JEEP” with rebuilding and restoring old Jeeps is just our thing. With more and more luxury cars rolled out each year, the taste for Jeeps has dipped. We believe that with the right vision, components and team of experts we could put back the adventure into these machines.

Rebuilding & modification a jeep from the ground takes about 30 days. We have worked on old jeeps with DI, CDDE, Nissan Isuzu diesel engine. and have restored to its original condition disposed Army Jeeps such as the MM540, 550. What started off with restoring old jeeps has today grown to modifying and customizing Willy. We have always like challenges and we are now getting set to break new grounds through our creative work, the style conversion of a any type old jeep into the Willy looks jeep.

We have our own in-house manufacturing unit and have manufactured our own body. We work on the interiors and exteriors accessories like seat, music system, alloy wheel, jerry cans, Modren silencer, tubeless tyres as well. Attractive looks are not the only thing that makes a perfect jeep, but comfort too. This is why we ensure that when you choose a jeep from SS JEEP, you get a driving experience of a powerful machine and the comforts of a SUV as well.

SS JEEP is one of the leaders in Willy Jeeps in Dabwali. We had established ourselves in the year 1990 as a jeep Rebuilding shop starting from Willy and we have travelled with time as Jeep body manufacturers, body re-styling, Willy handling, wide range of Willy accessories. Now we are oldest Willy jeeps rebuilding & modification unit in Dabwali (India).