We have been modifying and rebuilding high-performance jeep for more than 20 years and transform the vintage vehicles, army, and Govt disposal vehicles into stylish unique vehicles – made in India. The SS Jeep is active in all states of the India.

You can select according to your choice. We give jeeps attractive look as well as the best quality. The jeeps are fully automatic gearshift and fitted with a powerful diesel engine, power brake, power clutch, and power steering including the 2*4 and 4*4 excel.

Our aim is to fulfill the desire of jeep lovers. We delivered open jeeps, modified jeeps and original Willy look jeeps in all over India. We have a large unit of trained mechanics and creative jeep modifiers in our workshop. We try to stand out from the crowd by customize jeeps that no one else would customize. Now your search has ended with SS jeep. We transport modified open jeeps safely in all Cities of India. We work for jeeps lovers. So if you are looking for army-style jeeps, Hunter Jeeps, open jeeps, Original look Willy Jeeps then contact us. We will provide you awesome jeeps according to your need. A single destination for the vehicles of your dreams.

Extraordinary innovation

We always innovate the unique vehicles without affecting its engine and safety features according to the govt norms. we always use the vintage vehicles for rebuild & modifications like old willy jeep, Mahindra jeep(MM540, MDI 550, Major) Thar, force Gurkha, Tata(Sumo, Sierra), Maruti gypsy, Toyota fj40 land cruiser, Nissan Jonga. We also working on electric Willy Jeep.

Commitment to excellence

It is the passion for jeeps, the commitment to excellence, the desire for perfection, the pursuit of the superlative, but also a sense for aesthetics and functionality that turn production jeeps into SS Jeep. It is the art of modification jeeps like willy jeep, classic jeep, CJB34, Mahindra Major, and Thar reflect the cutting edge of technology and safety – time after time. Simply state-of-the-art.


For years now there is only one vehicle that was rolled out to give the ultimate off-road experience, which is willy jeep. Only a very few understand this wonderful vehicle and we are one of them, led by Mr. SOHAN SUTHAR, who’s love for Jeeps knows no end. We call ourselves “SS JEEP” with rebuilding and restoring old Jeeps is just our expertise thing. With more and more luxury cars rolled out each year, the taste for Jeeps has dipped. We believe that with the right vision, components, and team of experts we could put back the adventure into these willy jeeps.




Rebuilding & modification a jeep from the ground takes about 30 days. We ware work on old jeeps and restored to new modern jeep-like its original condition disposed Army Jeeps such as the MM540, 550. What started off with restoring old jeeps has today grown to modifying and customising Willy jeep. We have always like challenges and we are now getting set to break new grounds through our creative work, the style conversion of any type of old jeep into the Willy jeep.

We have our in-house manufacturing unit and have manufactured our own body. We work on the interiors and exteriors accessories like seat, music system, alloy wheel, jerry cans, modern silencer, bumper, tubeless tires as well. Attractive looks are not the only thing that makes a perfect jeep, but comfort too. This is why we ensure that when you choose a jeep from SS JEEP, you get a driving experience of a powerful machine and the comforts of the SUV as well.

SS JEEP is one of the best for the Willy Jeeps in Dabwali. We had established ourselves in the year 1990 as a jeep Rebuilding shop starting from Willy jeeps and we have traveled with time as Jeep body manufacturers, body re-styling, Willy handling, a wide range of Willy accessories. Now we are the oldest Willy jeeps rebuilding & modification unit in Dabwali (India).

Jeep Market Dabwali



Jeep market dabwali is very famous for the modification & restoration of Old jeeps. Here you can get any types of jeeps & its parts which are not available in another part of India. The specialization of the Jeep market is Willy 1942. Here is lot of workshop for Jeep modification & restoration work. Jeep market is the collection of workshops for different types of specialist work like body maker, seats & hood maker, painters, graphic designers, etc.

For restoration of the jeep is possible by these workers. For completion of one jeep take a minimum of 30 days. Because all works are done by one by one. Most body parts are handmade no automation or machine used for the creation of parts.