Technology Used

The advanced CRDe, DI, and Nissan Isuzu diesel engines are used in our willy jeep which is measures every bit of fuel and combines performance with economy without polluting the environment. These engines are the most efficient and one of the best suited on the Indian roads which have been proven on different SUV’s in India. And the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve brakes aid in preventing wheel lock up and loss of control.

Style & Safety

It retains the awesome Willy jeep identity with the open body. Apart from this unique identity, the tough steel body in neon and snooty colours.
Powerful 9 inch booster with disc brakes using LSPV brakes system in front and drum in rear 4wd high / low ratio for superior all weather and terrain traction.

Low Running & Maintenance Cost

Willy Jeep is the most fuel efficient on the Indian Roads. The jeep lover approved Mileage being 17 Km/l on highway and 15Km/l in city.
Willy jeep can be attended for service deep in the hinterland ruler thanks to its simple mechanicals. Cheaper maintenance and ease of spares availability means willy jeep keeps going even in the toughest of conditions.

Large image cyan desert gray green

Off road ability

The hunter style gives you superior off- roading capability. It comes with large & wide size tyres which is very effective in hills, snow, and desert. And accessories like hatchet, sand mover, extra jerry can etc useful in adventures trips.


Our Willy Jeep is available in neon and snooty colours both and we paints the willy Jeep as per your choice colour . Available in five colours. Click on the thumbnails below to view