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Welcome to SS JEEP

SS JEEP is the oldest manufacturer of jeeps in Dabwali. We provide jeeps in different looks like Army style jeeps, Hunter Jeeps, Open jeeps, Original look etc. We have great experience in re-built & modified jeeps. We manufacture and customize the Jeeps as required by jeep lovers. Some of them are Willy Jeeps, Ford Jeeps, Open classic jeep, Hunter jeep and open modified jeep. We provide various options for attractive looks like neon and soothing colours, alloy wheels, radial and tubeless tyres, VIP seats, and accessories.

You can select according to your choice. We give jeeps attractive look as well as best quality. The jeeps are fitted with powerfull diesel engine, power brakes and power steering.

Our aim is to fulfil the desire of jeep lovers. We delivered open jeeps, modified jeeps and original Willy look jeeps in all over India. We have large unit of trained mechanics and creative jeep modifiers in our workshop. We try to stand out from the crowd by customize jeeps that no one else would customize. Now your search has ended with SS jeep. We transport modified open jeeps safely in all Cities of India. We work for jeeps lovers. So if you are looking for army style jeeps, Hunter Jeeps, open jeeps, Original look Willy Jeeps then contact us. We will provide you awesome jeeps according your need.

A single destination for all your dream jeeps.


Willy 1942

According to hills and snow we will provide you perfect willy jeep in army white and black colours. It's powerful diesel engine with power steering...

Willy Attitude

If you like desert areas in Rajasthan then pick our Willy Desert and enjoy the desert adventure. Willy Desert is specially design for desert...

Willy Adventure

The amazing weather at beach site can only be enjoyed with our own modified open will jeep. Willy Jeep is modified specially for beach areas...