SS JEEP is the oldest manufacturer of jeeps in Dabwali. We provide jeeps in different looks like Army style jeeps, Hunter Jeeps, Open jeeps, Original willy look, adventure jeeps, Mahindra Major & Thar CJB 34, Nissan Jonga, Toyota fj40 Land cruiser etc. We have great experience in re-built & modified jeeps. We manufacture and customize the Jeeps as required by jeep lovers. Some of them are Willy Jeeps, Ford Jeeps, Open classic jeep, Hunter jeep, and open modified jeep. We provide various options for attractive looks like neon and soothing colors, alloy wheels, radial and tubeless tires, VIP seats, and accessories. We have best-modified vehicles are available all time.

You can select according to your choice. We give jeeps attractive look as well as the best quality. The jeeps are fully automatic gearshift and fitted with a powerful diesel engine, power brake, power clutch, and power steering including the 2*4 and 4*4 excel.

Our aim is to fulfill the desire of jeep lovers. We delivered open jeeps, modified jeeps and original Willy look jeeps in all over India. We have a large unit of trained mechanics and creative jeep modifiers in our workshop. We try to stand out from the crowd by customize jeeps that no one else would customize. Now your search has ended with SS jeep. We transport modified open jeeps safely in all Cities of India. We work for jeeps lovers. So if you are looking for army-style jeeps, Hunter Jeeps, open jeeps, Original look Willy Jeeps then contact us. We will provide you awesome jeeps according to your need. A single destination for the vehicles of your dreams.



img Rebuilding & Modification

We modify, rebuild & repair all types of vintage vehicles according to the customer's needs. Especially Willy, Thar, Major, Nishan Jonga, Maruti Gypsy, and FJ40 land cruiser Toyota in India.

img Buy, Sale & exchange

We sell our modified vehicles, buy old vintage vehicles & also provide the exchange offers with vintage vehicles for our rebuild Willy, Thar, Major, Nishan Jonga, Maruti Gypsy, and FJ40 land cruiser Toyota.

img Delivery at doorstep

We provide doorstep delivery of SS Jeeps modified & rebuild vehicles like Willy Jeep, Classic Jeep, Mahindra Major & Thar, Maruti Gypsy, Nissan Jonga & FJ40 land cruiser Toyota in all state of India.

Above of our customer service in which we provide the repairing of the vehicles, modification & restoration of vintage vehicles. Supply of the spare parts of Willy jeeps which is made by SS JEEP workshop.

After completion of the work on a vehicle we deliver the vehicle at doorstep. But charges will be payable by the customer. The SS Jeep especially deals in WILLY Jeeps. Other vehicles we just restore, repair & modify not buy/ sell of any other vehicles.

vintage vehicle restoration

ssjeepgypsy Maruti Gypsy

We restore & modify the Maruti Gypsy including the new safety features. We change its all interior & exterior looks make it like a luxury vehicles.

ssjonga Nissan Jonga

We modify the Nissan Jonga also with its parts available in the Indian market otherwise we replace the few parts with other company parts.

fj40Toyota Toyota fj40 land cruiser

Toyota fj40 land cruiser is never launched in India but we create the same FJ40 land cruiser using another available vintage vehicle..

SS Jeep is the oldest & most experienced restoration & modification unit in Mandi Dabwali. We never disappointed our customers. All over India, we supply our vehicles especially Willy Jeep & also we known for Willy Jeep Modifications. Few of the things in which we never compromise like quality & safety.

Also we never do any illegal work like replacing the engine. We always provide the new looks to vehicles according to the customer requirements which is legally allow in India. Before we start work on any vehicles always check its original papers if we need any update then its upgrade with govt. norms.

Some vehicles not available in India now but we create the same vehicle without changes of its engine we change only its looks & feels. Mostly we work on vintage vehicles that are not provided a new vehicle by any company in India. Our mostly vehicles are discontinued by the company we just restore them with updated features. So any customer can come to our workshop in Mandi Dabwali Haryana for Willy Jeep, Mahindra Major & Thar, Gypsy, Jonga & FJ40 Land cruiser.

*NOTE:-Restoration & Modification will be done according to the norms of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India